Some Important Doís and Doníts About Your Kids and Antibiotics

  • Donít expect or demand to get antibiotics for every infection. Upper respiratory infections such as colds and flu, for instance, are often caused by viruses, and antibiotics wonít help.
  • Do take your antibiotic as prescribed. With all antibiotics, you have to complete the whole course of treatment.
  • Donít stop the medication or skip doses just because your child feels better.
  • Do what you can to stop the spread of infection. Remember to wash your hands when you: use the toilet, change diapers; blow your nose, cough, or sneeze; or are around sick children or groups.
  • Donít give your other children leftover antibiotics. Each child experiences infections differently. Only your doctor can diagnose the type of infection and determine whether antibiotics are needed.
  • Do talk with your doctor and learn more about ear infections and how antibiotics can help.

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